Who we are?

With 15 years of experience, we are a game studio that thrives on chasing the unexplored in the gaming world and embracing risks.

Sharp Ride 3D

Best racer: Race the top

Feel your passion for speed with High-Speed Racing Cars. Put your pedal to the metal and race your car through a stunning racing game!

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Best building demolition game ever made

This game has been made to be a realistic excavator simulation. Find the best spot to demolish the buildings without damaging the excavator.

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Excavator Rush 3D
Moving Story

Prepare yourself for a captivating tale that concludes with a breathtaking finale

Introducing the latest mobile game featuring ultra-high quality graphics and challenging puzzles for an engaging experience.

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Reviews of Our Games

Great game, easy to play, relaxing

Easy to play, good music, no meaninglessly hard puzzles, I need a game for relaxation and finally I found one, hope you can add more levels, and fix some minor bugs


I loved loved the game! I was very confused why it wouldn’t let me go past the last level but then I read the reviews just in case I was doing something wrong. But other than that I liked playing. It was fun and not some boring game where you would play and then get bored of. Hope to see more levels soon:)

Awesome game!

i loved this game so much, it’s probably one of the smoothest and engaging phone game i’ve ever played!

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Dive into uncharted worlds with us! Harnessing 15 years of innovation, Stellar Shift Studio crafts more than games – we create experiences. Embrace the new era of gaming. Join the shift today

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